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Blood Chemistry – Normal is NOT Optimal

Blood tests are the cornerstone of Western clinical medicine, helping doctors to make informed diagnostic decisions. A standard measure for assessing health. However, you may be feeling unwell, long before traditional blood tests show anything amiss.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, or FBCA, allows your blood to tell a comprehensive story about your health.

Blood Chemistry – Normal is NOT Optimal

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis uses over 50 of your blood markers. The results focus on changes in your body’s function rather than looking for disease. Blood chemistry analysis helps to see how your body is working now by identify nutritional deficiencies, and if you are moving towards better health or if there are areas needing work to get you feeling your best.

The Functional Approach: The functional approach focuses on changes in your body’s function rather than looking for disease. It helps to spot issues withing the ‘normal’ range that could indicate your body’s systems are starting to struggle. Every result is compared with acceptable ranges.
Nutritional Assessment: Blood chemistry analysis serves as a valuable tool for assessing nutritional status. By analysing levels of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins, we can identify deficiencies and recommend targeted dietary interventions.
Health Risk Assessment: Blood chemistry analysis provides key markers for assessing health, including cholesterol levels, triglycerides, iron, glucose and inflammatory markers. This information aids to identify if you are ‘out of range’, and allows for the implementation of preventive measures.

Personalised Health Assessment: The very heart of the Functional Health Report is the Assessment section. It is here we go over the findings.

  • Functional Body Systems and Accessory Reports
  • Nutrient Status

Each report is accompanied by detailed descriptions and explanations of the results presented in each of the reports.

A healthy outside starts from the inside

Robert Uric

A Functional Approach to Wellness

Ever wanted to understand what your blood is telling you?

Then this is for you. Using ranges based on optimal physiology, not the “normal” population, enables identification of factors that may be obstructing you from achieving the best metabolic functioning of your body.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA), will use your unique blood biomarkers, organise them, analyse and interpret them, to provide you with your individual Functional Health Report. This report gives you a comprehensive assessment of the state of health of your main functional systems and their supporting systems in your body. A look into the nutrient status is also included to help you understand whether you are trending towards or away from your best health status.

“Being healthy is a success that many people forget to celebrate”

Karen Lamb

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